Institute for Mineral Oil Products and Environmental Analysis

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Fuels – heating oils - biofuels

IMU has been working as a testing laboratory in the field of mineral oil-based and biogenic fuels for over 30 years. In addition to national, the largest international mineral oil companies have also trusted in our testing and advisory services for decades. IMU is active in the relevant standardization bodies at national and international level in order to identify and implement further developments and changes at an early stage. Our test laboratory has been accredited since 1999. With our quality management, IMU tries to continuously improve in order to continue to be a reliable partner as an independent test center for industry and trade.

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Plant and animal fat special analysis

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As an accredited testing and inspection body, IMU has many years of experience and extensive know-how in the areas of environmental analysis. Soil, water and waste investigations fall within our competence. The basis for these investigations is the legislation, which creates many requirements through legal regulations in the areas of groundwater, drinking water and wastewater, recycling and landfilling of contaminated soils or other waste. By participating in the corresponding standardization committees and waste and water management associations, IMU constantly strives to comply with the state of the art and is therefore a reliable and independent partner for industry, trade and authorities.

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As an accredited test laboratory, IMU has a laboratory area for bitumen. Years of experience in the analysis of road bitumen (EN 12591), polymer bitumen (EN 14023), hard road bitumen (EN 13924) and oxidized bitumen (EN 13304) and through participation in the relevant standardization bodies offers IMU professional support in this area.

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In the mineral oil as well as in the drinking and process water area, the quality of the products can be affected by microbial infestation. To prevent this, early detection or regular monitoring is very important. In recent years, IMU has built up a competent microbiology laboratory with the appropriately trained employees. Through the accreditation of various processes, we are able to examine fuels, drinking water and industrial water for various germs at the highest quality level.

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Inspection and sampling activities


IMU carries out the sampling according to various relevant standards in the field of soil, waste and water from different origins. IMU is involved in the development of various sample standards in the Austrian standardization institute (ASI) and as a lecturer at seminars and training courses in this area and is therefore an ideal partner. Our employees have years of experience with a wide range of different sampling techniques.

Industrial products

As part of the certification by the standardization institute, inspects and inspects various industrial products such as cleaning agents, window cleaners and radiator antifreeze agents in accordance with ÖNORMEN B5014, B5105 and B5106, ÖNORMEN V5123 and V5124.